Spring Garlic Recipes

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On Thursday, Feb 24, about 10 inches of snow fell. By Sunday, it was in the 40s with thunderstorms during the night.  Garlic plants are already growing and pushing through the mulch.  Bavarian Purple and Korean Mountain never disappoint as they are always first up.  Island Star is also showing new leaves.  A few sunny days and they will really pop.
This is a day in March and spring has been crazy!  One day a temperature record is broken with a high of 83 degrees and the next there is frost covering everything in the morning with a low of 30.  Garlic is a tough plant and a little frost certainly doesn\’t hurt it a bit.  I did remove some of the mulch to let the sun warm them up.
Lorz Italian
Crop for 2011
Bavarian Purple
This is about the first of May.  Lots of rain and cool temps so far this spring.  Bavarian Purple showing extremely robust growth as it has every year.  Starting to tell the larger plants apart from the smaller ones.
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