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Welcome to Crazy Horse Gourmet Garlic Farm, located in Northwest Ohio, family owned and operated

"Organically grown and tended by hand, I strive to produce top quality garlic for your garden or table
and hope you'll find something in the selections that are offered.
Call or email and I will assist you with varieties for your growing conditions
I look forward to doing business with you"
This statement held true throughout the years of growing garlic.  I enjoyed the
chats I had with so many of you and I will miss those. 
Garlic bulbs are no longer available.  All stock has been sold 




     This year will be the last harvest from Crazy Horse Garlic Farm.

I have met some of the most amazing people and shared growing practices,

harvesting, and cooking.  What could be more uplifting sight than seeing the

first signs of green plants in spring along with a feeling of relief that your

efforts of fall planting made it through the winter.  Then watching as the

plants really take off, the flower stalks and the formation of different coils

and twists; the sticky garlic juice as you snap off the scapes.  An then finally when the time 

was right, pulling up those gorgeous bulbs.  The cycle is complete and ready to begin again with fall planting

It's a heartfelt thank you to those who purchased from me.

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Last Update May 3, 2016

Crazy Horse Garlic Farm, 1402 S. Crissey Road, Holland, OH, 43528, 419-867-7826